☑ AA Approved Used Estate Cars for Sale.

If you’re looking for a car that is spacious and stylish, that is fuctionally versatile and that make a great family car then give Estates some serious consideration. Estates come with a very wide range of engines to suit all driving styles, including frugal hybrids and rip-roaring performance models.

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☑ ​Big boots mean big space.

If an estate sounds like the kind of car for you but you you are not sure which direction you shoudl steer in, then let our experts help you. We can tell you all that you need to know about the best estate cars, including which estate cars with the biggest boots? What are the best small estate cars? And what is the best estate car for people with dogs?

Not looking for a convertible? We have the cars to suit your needs too.

We stock all the standard car types including second hand convertibles, second hand coupes, second hand estates, second hand hatchbacks, second hand mpvs, second hand pick-ups, second hand saloons and second hand suvs. When you visit our dealerships, our team will ensure that you drive away the best car for you!