Used Audi Cars

Audi’s solid cars are some of the most resilient, fast and good-looking cars around. They are ideal pre-owned purchases, thanks to their strong construction and unfaltering performance levels.

There’s an Audi to suit every driver and style. It could be that you’re looking for a professional yet comfortable car for long commutes, or you’re keen to get behind the wheel of a nail-bitingly fast roadster. We’re confident that you can find a used Audi in our collection that fits the bill.

From the quirky TT to the elegantly svelte A7 and the go-anywhere Q7 SUV, there’s a wide range to test drive and purchase. While the models differ, they all share the same bold looks, interior comforts and hi-tech additions.

We quality-check every car that we sell beforehand. With mileage and history tests, performance and safety checks, and extensive condition inspections, we can make sure that only the best Audis become available to buy.

Have a look through our Audi used cars collection online. Simply set your requirements, like budget or model, into the search tool below and browse the results. We also recommend looking through the range of other makes that we represent, to find a car that ticks every box.

Test drives are available from our Wolverhampton, Stoke and Hinkley showrooms, so contact us using the enquiry form to book a suitable time.

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