Now that winter seems to be finally over, your car might be looking a little sorry for itself. All that grit and snow has made it look a little shabby, and with the cold weather keeping everyone indoors, we can’t remember the last time we have given it a good clean.

Modern cars are engineered to take some abuse, but every now and then they need a little TLC to keep them in tip top condition. The residue of road grit, sleet, and dirt now caking your car isn’t the only thing you need to deal with now that spring has arrived:

Wash your car

We should have been doing this through winter, but now it’s got to the point for most of us that it’s imperative we finally clean the salt, grit and grime off our car. The start of spring is good time to get a full deep clean, inside and out. The spring clean is necessary to remove those harmful contaminants that will damage your car’s finish over time.

Change Your wiper blades

Winter can be a brutal time for your wiper blades, so now may be the opportune time to invest in a new pair. They’re easy to install yourself but you can always stop into a garage to have new wipers installed.

Check your screen wash

More screen wash is used through winter than in spring and summer and if you haven’t run out already then now is a good time to refill. You can fill your screen wash with tap water, but it is recommended you use some screen wash solution so that it properly cleans your windscreen.

Check your oil

Winter is demanding on engines, so now is a good time to check the essential lubricant. If you’re running low, top up and book yourself into your local garage for a change and have a new filter installed. This can be done at home if you have the know-how, but you will have to dispose of your own oil.

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