What To Expect In Your Practical Driving Test

The driving test has changed dramatically over the past few years with the introduction of Sat-Nav and motorway testing. Still, facing a driving test can be nerve-wracking, unless you know what to expect.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you can expect on your driving test:

On the day of your practical driving test you must remember to bring your theory test pass certificate, your photocard provisional driving license, and of course, a car. If you only have an older, paper license you must bring your signed driving license as well as a valid passport for photographic evidence.

What To Expect On The Test

Your driving test is the time when you have to prove you can drive safely and skilfully in various road and traffic conditions. Your instructor will give you clear directions with plenty of time and ask you to carry out some set exercises.

Before you start the driving part of your test you need to complete a quick eyesight check where you will be asked to read the number plate of a parked vehicle at a set distance. You will also be asked a few safety check questions.

There should be no surprises in the types of questions you will be asked as these will all be covered by your instructor well before you step up to take your test. So, keep calm and concentrate on your driving. If you do make a mistake, don’t panic, you are allowed to make a few minor mistakes on your test.


You will be required to perform two or three standard manoeuvres including:

  • 3-point-turn in the road
  • Reversing into a limited opening on the left/right (reversing around a corner)
  • Reverse park into either a parking bay or on the road behind a vehicle (parallel park)

Independent Driving

A recent introduction to illustrate an understanding of following different direction is ten-minutes of independent driving where you will have to reach your destination by following:

  • Traffic Signs
  • Verbal Directions
  • Sat-Nav
  • A combination of the above

Once you have completed your test your instructor will ask you to switch off the engine and will talk you through whether you have passed or failed. Either way, they will ask you if you want to be talked through any faults that occurred during the test.

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