What To Do When Your Windscreen is Chipped

A chip in your windscreen may seem like a minor problem and one that you can probably avoid for a while if you don’t want to pay any repair costs. But leaving a chip in your windscreen for any amount of time can lead to more expensive repairs being needed.

The vibrations from driving can cause even the smallest of chips to develop into a large crack or even shatter the windscreen all together.

Bonded windscreens are integral parts of your vehicle’s body shell, contributing to its overall strength and security. Windscreens are integral to your car’s overall structural strength, with the passenger airbag relying on the windscreen strength to provide support for a deployed airbag.

Dealing With Windscreen Chips or Cracks

It’s important that if any chips or cracks appear in your windscreen you should have them repaired immediately.

In the event of a chip you need to get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent it developing into a crack or shattered windscreen. Repairing a windscreen chip takes less than 30 mins when done by a professional, and letting it develop into a crack may require a full change of windscreen which will cost you considerably more.

The repair you will require depends on the location and the size of the damage. A-zone damage refers to the area directly in front of the driver; this can only be repaired if it is less than 10mm in size. Across the rest of the windscreen, the chip can be repaired up to the size of 40mm across usually.

To repair the chip your call-out engineer or mechanic will clean and dry the damaged area before filling it with a clear resin with similar properties to glass.

Most chip repair won’t affect your no-claims discount. It can be done in no time at all, so avoid letting it become an expensive problem and get it fixed immediately.

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