What Does Your Choice Of Car Colour Say About You?

We all have a favourite car colour to go with our favourite dream car. Whilst for most of us, our dream car will only ever be a dream, at least we can sometimes be lucky enough to choose our car colour.

Car brands, fuel efficiency, engine size, drive comfort and interior space are the main criteria that influence which car we choose to buy. But the look of the car is also a major influencer to our final decision. After all, we all want our car to be a reflection of our personality and the colour of the vehicle goes a long way towards that.

The colour we choose says a lot about our personality. So, what does your choice of car colour say about you?


The international colour of elegance and sophistication: silver is a good colour for hiding scratches and dirt which also makes it a very practical choice. Silver car drivers are generally quite reserved and confident. They tend to be business minded, modern, and strive to stay ahead of the technological curve.


A bold and vibrant colour which is rare for a car colour. Those who choose the colour orange have the personality to match the stimulating and creative colour choice. They tend to be spontaneous and bubbly and love to experience life with others.


Reminiscent of sunshine, these are happy colours that invoke joy and energy. If you see someone driving one of these colours they will tend to be carefree and loving. They brighten up every room they enter and are the life and soul of the party.


Somewhat similar to silver, except grey cars are much subtler. Those who drive grey cars tend to be dignified and composed, not easily disturbed. These people don’t tend to rock the boat or make waves, they just like to go with the flow.

Do you think your car colour matches your personality? Or is it all just a coincidence?Let us know what colour used hardtop you are in the market for at V12 sports and classics.