What Are The Cheapest Used Cars To Insure?

Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect car should be. For some they want speed; others, looks are important - but for most new drivers, all we want is a car that isn’t going to cost a fortune to insure.

Car insurance companies group cars into one of 50 groups, determining the risk of insuring that car and ultimately, how much it will cost to insure.

Cars that fall into the lowest groups are typically small, economic machines that are better suited to nipping to the shops rather being loaded up with family members and luggage.

So let’s take a look at the best used cars which are incredibly cheap to insure:

Fiat Panda

Even though the first Fiat Panda arrived more than 30 years ago, the car is still a popular choice 2nd hand. The latest version comes equipped with a Uconnect radio, which includes Bluetooth and a voice recognition system. There’s even a 4x4 Panda for those who like to go off-road.

Peugeot 1007

The answer to finding a parking space was born in the design lab for this next car. Featuring two electric front sliding doors it can be parked in impossibly small spaces. Although it was dropped from the UK line-up nine years ago, second-hand versions can still be found today and are incredibly good value to insure.

Volkswagen Fox

VW’s 2006 Fox was praised on release for being roomy and easy to drive. It was a versatile replacement for the ‘Lupo’ and was produced until 2010 when the ‘up!’ took over. The Fox is a wise investment for a first car as they look great for such a cheap option.

Smart ForTwo

Although it became the butt of a lot of jokes in its early years, this tiny machine – measuring only 1.66m wide - is the perfect city drive. With a decent engine and fun handling, the ForTwo is the perfect two-seater hatchback.

Fiat Seicento

It hasn’t turned a single head since its release in the 90’s, but its low price and cheap running costs made it a popular choice. Early models were relatively thin on additional extras, but more were released as the years went by. You can pick one up today for less than £1,000 – even less for a used Volkswagen - and they are very affordable to insure.