Ways To Help Your Car Reach 200,000+ Miles

Neglecting your car is a sure-fire way of reducing its life expectancy. The average age of cars is on the increase all the time thanks to modern technological advancements. The average car is adding more than 10,000 miles to the odometer each year, so what can you do to help your car reach 200,000 miles and beyond?

200,000 miles is a realistic target for most of us. That number can even be doubled, even tripled, without the need for a big money repair. To reach these targets takes some effort on the owner’s part. To get the most out of your car, you’re going to have to show it some care and attention:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Check it yourself
  • Cut down on short trips

It can be an annoyance having to find time to take your car in for a service. But in the long run, without regular maintenance your car will be lucky to make it to 100,000 miles, never mind 200,000. Having a certified mechanic check your car over at regular intervals will help avoid costly mistakes that may seriously decrease the life expectancy of your vehicle.

As well as having a mechanic check over your car it is best to get to know your vehicle well yourself. There is no one better to understand your car than the person who drives it every day. So, pay attention to any noises your car makes, or sights that catch your eye, even smells your car may be making. Run a ‘pre-flight’ check once a month to make sure all lights are working, and levels are correct.

A great way to make your car last longer is to use it less. Cutting down on those short trips where your engine doesn’t get up to operating temperature goes a long way to helping you reach that 200,000+ target. Long journeys allow your engine to get hot enough to boil the unburnt fuel out of your oil, your engine and your exhaust. On short trips this slurry of oil, water and fuel are left to amalgamate into a noxious sludge that will cause problems with your crankcase.

By taking good care of cars, even a used Honda, not only will you extend its lifespan, but you will also increase the value you can get if you decide to sell it on.