Forgotten classics: 7 overlooked cars that deserve classic status

The classic car world is certainly vast, with countless highly sought-after models already well-documented and acknowledged amongst car enthusiasts across the world. However, there are still many hidden gems out there, obscured from view by their more popular siblings, or perhaps just having slipped through the gaps. These cars are often fantastic to drive, yet potentially available at a much better cost than more well-known vehicles. Here is a list of seven models that might be worth a second look.

1. Mercury Cougar

The Mercury Cougar has been around for over 35 years, offering an interesting alternative to the Ford Mustang. These cars pack some punch, available with some great engines, ranging from the 289ci Windsor V8 to the 429ci Cobra Jet V8.

2.BMW E3

BMW's E9 Chassis-coupes are popular models. However, the Sedan counterparts are yet to receive the same status, despite having all the style and elegance, along with the same top notch power as the E9.

3. Porsche 914/6

There are countless classic Porsche models we all know and love, from the 911 to the Cayman. The 914/6 remains forgotten, although it still retains the beautiful design that Porsche is renowned for.

4. FIAT 600

The bigger brother of the Fiat 500, the 600 has yet to gain similar status despite offering the same charm and design success. The 600 variants, such as the 600 Mutlipla and Abarth 750, offer even more excitement than the original.

5. Sunbeam Tiger

The AC Cobra is a British classic, yet for those looking for a cheaper alternative, look no further than the Sunbeam Tiger. This Carroll Shelby-designed roadster also carries a Ford V8 engine and is quickly rising in popularity.

6. Volkswagen Scirocco

In the late 1970s, Volkswagen offered a number of exciting new models that continued to find the same esteem as the iconic Beetle. The Golf hatchback would gain much of the limelight, but the Scirocco was another great car whose sleek yet robust design continues to turn heads today.

7. Datsun Sports

Not gaining the same status as its British contemporaries, the Datsun Sports remains an excellent roadster from the 1960s, borrowing much of its style from the well known European classics of this time.