Paying your road tax means that you have certain parking rights in the UK and it is important to know how these rights work in case they come in handy. After all, The Highway Code is something that every driver should keep in their possession in order to ensure they are practicing safe and lawful driving. Read on to find out a few important aspects to take into consideration when you are parking your vehicle…

The Blue Badge Scheme

In a car park you will always find that the spaces closer to the entrance are reserved for blue badge holders in order to allow people with disabilities to park without struggling. In order to use these spaces, the driver must display their blue badge and ensure that the clock states the time that they arrived. Drivers who are not a member of the blue badge scheme are not permitted to park in these locations and you face a hefty fine if you do so.

Yellow Lines

On roads that experience a high influx of traffic, yellow lines are painted onto the ground in order to stop vehicles from parking there and reducing the efficiency of the moving traffic. With this said, there is a difference between single yellow lines and double yellow lines and it is important to understand how they differentiate from one another. For example, single yellow lines are controlled parking zones which means that you can legally park your vehicle there between 8am and 8pm, although these times may differ. On the other hand, parking on double yellow lines is not allowed and you will receive a fine if you are caught doing so.


According to the highway code, it is illegal to park in front of a driveway and you can face legal action if you do so. With this said, there is one strange legal loophole that allows anyone to park on your driveway, even without your permission. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start parking on other people’s property. Always makes sure that you keep your eye out for dropped kerbs when parking your vehicle as these often suggest that a driveway is in use.

Here at V12 Sports and Classics, we want to ensure that drivers are following The Highway Code when they park their vehicles. After all, nobody likes to finish a hard day’s work with a parking violation fine! If you’re on the hunt for a used jeep we have a range oh high quality models to choose from. Get in contact with the V12 team today to find out more information!