Buying a new car can be an overwhelming experience for most. How do we know we are getting the best deal? What do we need to look out for? And how can we best negotiate the price on a used car?

Follow our advice on the best way to approach buying a second-hand car:


If you have a certain vehicle in mind, it is best to do as much research as you can on the model first. Simple online searches will show you how much insurance will cost, as well as road tax costs, fuel cost or if there are any common faults.

Check the Book Price

Make sure you aren’t paying too much for any second-hand car by checking the book price. Knowing the price of a car will put you in a good position for any negotiation with a dealership, especially if you’re trying to get that discount!

Look it over

Even if you’re not mechanically minded, get the vehicle inspected independently. If you are comfortable then give the car a thorough inspection yourself in daylight. Any glaring problems you notice can be used to negotiate down the price.

Test Drive

Never buy a car before you’ve had a chance to test it out. Make sure you are insured on the vehicle and have proof to show the seller. Take it for a spin for 10-15 miles on a mixture of slow and fast roads to get the best idea of how the car manoeuvres. Listen out for any noises or vibrations that may indicate a fault.


Simply checking the mileage on the clock is not enough. Compare the mileage is consistent with the wear and tear of the vehicle as well as being consistent with previous MOT’s and service history.

Check the paperwork

V5, Tax and MOT are the three major pieces of paperwork that should be present, with correct registration numbers and chassis numbers that match the vehicle. If you feel any of these have been tampered with or that the name and address don’t match up with the person selling the used Mercedes cars, this could be a serious red flag.