Top Reasons You Should Buy A Dashcam

After you’ve already invested so much into a car, it can be disheartening to find out how much we have to pay on top of that to insure the thing.

Let’s admit it, most of us would do anything to reduce the costs of our monthly insurance payments. Other than our home, our car is probably the single most expensive item we own, and we want to do everything to protect it.

One small item that everyone should have today can help us reduce our insurance quotes whilst also adding added protection for our vehicles. That item – the dashcam.

Whilst some cars come ready equipped with dashcams, don’t worry if your car doesn’t have one as today you can pick them up relatively cheap and most you can fit yourself. There is good reason that taxi firms and truck drivers have made dashcams a necessity – the footage provides clarification for evidence in the event of any accident.

Like a smart camera at your home, a dashcam allows you to keep your car secure in the event of vandalism, collisions and theft.

Why You Need a Dashcam

Hard Evidence

In the case of two-vehicle collisions, video footage goes a long way with proving who was, and who wasn’t, at fault. When you have an accident and call the police or insurance company, usually both drivers will attempt to blame the other. With a dashcam equipped to catch the whole thing, you can replay the entire incident to prove your innocence.

Save On Insurance

Most UK insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance premiums to those who have a dashcam. Some are even offering up to 15% off car owner’s monthly premiums.

Monitor Your Teenager’s Driving

It can be stressful having teenage children, especially when they start getting behind the wheel of a car. Now you don’t have to sit around wondering how fast they are driving the family car to the shops. Dashcams provide the comfort of being able to monitor your children’s driving in a non-intrusive form.

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