Top Car Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

After winter, our cars are all looking a little neglected. Months of dirt and grime has built up on the exterior and the interior is littered with wrappers and dust.

Now that we’ve got some sun in our lives it is the perfect time to give our cars a good clean. And when it comes to cleaning a car, there is more to it than just washing and waxing; those quickie car washes at your local petrol stations can end up doing more harm than good; and a hand wash can be expensive; so what can you do?

We’ve compiled a list of tips from professional car cleaners, so you too can give your car the makeover it deserves:

Use The Right Suds

Dishwashing liquid will do a good job of cleaning the grease, dirt and old wax from your car, but it also sucks out important oils from your cars paint job. Over time this can shorten the life of your paint job. Instead, you should be using a specially formulated car cleaner to protect your cars’ finish.

Pluck The Finish

At high speeds your car becomes a pin cushion for flying debris and crud in the air. The vehicles clear coat will deflect most of it, but the sharper grit will inevitably embed itself in your paint job. Washing removes the surface dirt but to fully pluck out the embedded grit you can use a clay bar kit.

Rubbing the clay over the paint will remove all the ‘darts’ of grit embedded in your paint. Roll the clay over your car, knead and reflatten as you go, until it turns grey then throw it away.

Polish The Finish

Polishing removes small surface imperfections as well as scratches and buffs the finish to a shine. If investing in a polisher is too much for you, then you can always polish by hand – it will just take some more elbow grease.

Polishing is key to getting the best gloss finish. Apply a dollop of polish to the pad and wipe across a 2x2-ft area. Start at a low speed to spread the polish around a larger surface area, then finish on a higher speed for a glass-like finish.

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