We all pick up some bad driving habits over the years - some more than others. After learning to drive and passing our test, it is only natural for us to drop the ten-and-two hand position and avoid ever parallel parking ever again, but there are some bad habits that we learn, that we should definitely try and unlearn.

How many of the following are you guilty of?

1. Illegal Parking

‘I’ll only be a minute’ – we’ve all heard someone say this as they’ve been caught parking in disabled spaces, no-parking zones or on double yellow lines. If you are caught parking in these places you can receive a fine or end up having your car clamped or even towed, which will end up costing you a lot more than that parking space would have.

2. Accelerating Through Amber Lights

It may seem pretty harmless to sneak through when the light hasn’t officially turned red yet, but as people develop their habit further, the distance which they decide is ok to keep accelerating from the lights increases. This can cause serious accidents as it can lead to major collisions.

3. Not Checking Blind Spots

We get it – after your test you may feel more comfortable in not having to check your blind spot every time you make a manoeuvre, but there was a reason you were drilled into regularly checking them: blind spots are implicitly dangerous. Those who don’t check them can move into other lanes and collide with other cars, motorbikes and even cyclists.

4. Improper Merging

Possibly the major cause of road rage is improper merging. The best way to keep traffic flowing smoothly is to allow one car at a time from each lane to merge into one. Those who try and sneak in ahead of their turn can cause accidents which will hold everybody up, and those who think they’re being polite by letting car after car go ahead of them are also affecting the flow of traffic, rather than helping it.

5. Not Using Indicators

You might know where you intend to go, but without using your indicators, other road users won’t have a clue. Changing lanes or turning without signalling throws others off and can put you and others in harms way.

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