If you’re thinking of getting into car racing, there is plenty of information you can find online and if you ask around, you can learn a few tricks of the trade before you even get onto the track.

We spoke with a few racers about the things they had to find out the hard way when they started racing:

It Will Take A Few Races to Get to Grips With Things

It’s very rare that a driver will come away from their first race feeling like a real racer. It generally takes a few races before you run that special one that makes people stand up and tell you ‘you became a racing driver this weekend’.

Technically you are a racing driver after your very first race, but it won’t be until further down the line until everything falls into place, and everything you’ve learned comes into practice naturally.

The Lack of Glamour

Everything about Formula 1 seems like it was lifted straight from a movie, but in reality, the amateur racing circuits are a far cry from the private jet lifestyle of the Monaco crowd. Even though you know to expect a less glamorous event, when you arrive, the actual lack of glamour can really take you by surprise.

From changing into your overalls in a Portaloo or eating your lunch sat on a spare tyre, you will need to have a real love of racing to put yourself through it.

Early Starts

You better hope that you are a morning person, because if you aren’t you will need to change that. Your allotted sign-on times will depend on when your practice/qualifying session kicks off, which can be as early as 7am. Since you will be racing all over the country, sometimes you will have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to your race on time.

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