The Pros and Cons of a Pass Plus Course

Passing your driving test is an incredibly fulfilling achievement that takes place at a range of different rates in peoples lives. With this said, whether you are 18 or 50, getting behind the wheel on your own can be a daunting task that many people fail to complete due to nerves. The pass plus course was introduced in order to allow nervous drivers to hone their skills, reduce insurance costs and ease any worries about the motorway. Read on to find out a few pros and cons of completing a pass plus…

What is it?

Completed after a practical driving test, a pass plus course can help reassure nervous drivers who have some apprehension about getting behind the wheel or assist those who would like to sharpen their skills. In order to pass the course, students must complete at least 6 hours’ worth of training with a registered instructor. Following an unformal grading, those who complete the course can expect to gain a certificate as proof of undertaking the extra lessons.


The pass plus course is the perfect opportunity to gain some valuable experience behind the wheel as a licenced driver. It covers 6 different subject areas in a fair bit of detail including town driving, all-weather driving, rural driving, night driving, dual-carriageways and motorways and after a minimum of 6 hours of learning has been carried out, students can expect to see an improvement in their confidence as well as more knowledge on how to respond to different situations. This means that the new drivers who have completed a pass plus will essentially be much safer drivers. In addition to this, carrying out the course can also help you get reductions on your insurance!


On the other hand, many people view the pass plus course as a money grabbing scheme that is used to extort nervous drivers into believing that paying for extra time with an instructor will help them drive safer. After all, six hours isn’t a lot of time to go through each subject area as effectively as they want you to believe. Plus, many experienced drivers believe that the secret to gaining confidence behind the wheel is practice and time. Since a pass plus course can be rather costly, it is important that you ensure that it is the best course of action to take.

When it comes to safety behind the wheel it is important that you consult all the help that you require. After all, the only thing worse than an over-confident driver is a nervous driver! Whether you are worried about driving at night or simply want to perfect your skills before hitting the open road, the team here at V12 Sports and Classics are the ones to contact! Get in contact today to find out more about our range of pre owned cars for sale.