When it comes to your vehicle, the team here at V12 Sports and Classics want to ensure that you understand all the jargon and technical terms that are used by the dealer. After all, the last thing you want to do is sign a contract when the details haven’t been explained to you in a comprehendible manner.

In fact, there are distinct differences between a manual and automatic transmission that you should always be aware off before you make a purchase. Read on to find out which characteristics separate a manual car from an automatic car…


Driving a manual car means that you have to be able to co-ordinate your movements between two features that you won’t find in an automatic car. For example, you must shift gears as you increase speed in order to keep the revolutions per minute (RPM) within a safe range and you must also smoothly transition between the clutch and the other pedals every time you do this. On the other hand, an automatic transmission doesn’t have a clutch and comes with 4 gearbox options: Drive, Park, Neutral and Reverse.


Whilst there is no competition that an automatic car is considerably easier to drive, they tend to be much more expensive to purchase and run. In fact, getting a manual vehicle on credit is said to be almost two thousand pounds cheaper. In addition to this, maintenance and component replacements are cheaper with manual cars because they are so readily available on the market in comparison to the parts of automatic vehicles.


Driving an automatic car is often a choice based on practicality rather than performance which is why older drivers or those who lack confidence in their driving ability tend to prefer them. On the other hand, those who want to feel the power of a car as they shift gears are more suited towards a manual vehicle as this is where the performance value can be found. After all, they may be more challenging to drive but the performance of a manual car, especially those with a large engine, cannot be disputed.

The V12 team are dedicated towards helping our clients find the perfect vehicle for their needs which is why our range of new used cars come with a variety of different features, including a choice between manual and automatic transmission. After all, shifting gears is not for everybody! Get in contact today to find out more information.