The Best Used Cars For Older Drivers

As we get older, it’s only natural for us to require different things from our vehicles.

Whether you’re entering your senior years with a desire to spend more time with grandchildren, experience the great outdoors or to simply relax, you can always find the perfect car to help facilitate those dreams. In fact, we guarantee you can find it at V12.

But you also might need to consider issues with mobility or comfort, problems with your vision or even arthritis. Whatever your current situation, these things will help you decide on the size and power of your vehicle, while you’ll also want to prioritize safety features and deciding whether to go manual or automatic.

So, what are the best used cars for older drivers?

Nissan Juke

When you look at the Nissan Juke from the outside, you probably wouldn’t associate it with older drivers straight away. It’s modern, almost bold exterior might not be exactly what you’re looking for in your retirement years, but we advise you take a much closer look at the spec.

Boasting a spacious, comfortable cabin, a lightweight design and notoriously brilliant driving assistance systems, the Juke has become famous for just how easy it is to drive. You should never judge a book by its cover, and our range of used Nissan Juke cars could be perfect for your senior years.

Ford Fiesta

Renowned for its safety features and how easy it is to drive; the Ford Fiesta is the perfect vehicle for older drivers that just want to get from A to B. Despite its small appearance from the outside, there’s actually a significant amount of leg room in the Fiesta, meaning that it’s always incredibly comfortable to drive.

Easy to manoeuvre and famous for their reliability, senior drivers are always interested in our selection of used Ford Fiestas. If that wasn’t enough, then they also come with added safety features, such as parking sensors, and have always been very cheap to run.

Toyota Yaris

Widely regarded as one of the best “supermini” vehicles on the market, the Toyota Yaris is a fantastic car for older drivers. Much like the Fiesta, these cars are incredibly easy to manoeuvre and park, with the small frame and simple controls providing motorists with a more convenient driving experience.

Incorporating high seats to increase visibility, spacious cabin to allow enhanced comfort, and intuitive controls for sheer convenience- a used Toyota Yaris could be just what you’ve been looking for.

You can shop all of these vehicles at V12 today, as we continue to bring you an extensive used car listings at affordable prices.