The Benefits of Hands-Free Bluetooth

With technology at the forefront of every 21st century invention, it is no surprise that the majority of modern vehicles are integrated with Bluetooth. After all, it is known to reduce the distractions that drivers face when in control of a vehicle and subsequently help keep our roads much more secure. Read on to find out a few benefits of hands-free Bluetooth connectivity…

Distraction Free

It is hard to believe that the modern smartphone is just over a decade old! After all, the most impressive thing an early mobile phone could do was play Snake. With this said, smartphones are the cause of around 42% of road traffic accidents due to drivers being distracted with the devices whilst being in control of a vehicle despite the fact it is against the law. Hands-free Bluetooth on the other hand allows you to answer phone calls, reply to text messages and in some vehicles even use map navigation without having to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

Music Streaming

One of the most impressive features that Bluetooth integration can provide is music streaming as many modern vehicles allow you to play the music on your mobile phone through the car stereos via Bluetooth. In fact, this is becoming a frequent addition with models that do not comes with CD compatibility as it provides drivers the ability to listen to something other than the radio. Of course, it is important that you sync up the music before you start driving so that you have no need to touch your phone.


Perhaps the greatest thing about hands-free Bluetooth is the fact that it is completely legal! After all, using it doesn’t take your concentration away from the road or place anybody in danger because all of the controls are integrated into the steering wheel! With this said, it is important that all of the connecting up is done before you set off as otherwise you are driving against the highway code and are placing other drives, pedestrians and yourself at risk.

Here at V12 Sports and Classics we like to promote safe and legal driving at all times. After all, a driver who cannot follow the rules is a driver that shouldn’t be allowed on the road. Over 700 of our cars including many automatic cars for sale here at V12 comes with hand-free Bluetooth in order to ensure that you can answer those phone calls and keep your eyes on the road at the same time! Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today