Here at V12 Sports and Classics, we place a big emphasis on safe and lawful driving. After all, it is not worth the risk to try and text back a friend whilst you are driving when it can put other drivers and pedestrians in danger. Plus, it is illegal! With this said, not every single driver will follow the rules, so it is important to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Read on to find out how a dashcam can be beneficial…


Sometimes road traffic accidents don’t occur on busy main roads where there are plenty of witnesses and sometimes it is just your word against the other drivers. In fact, this can be the worst situation to be in as many drivers will place the blame on the other person to get out of paying for damage they have caused. Having a dashcam installed allows you to present the necessary people with first-hand evidence of what happened so they can decide who is to blame instead of it being your word against theirs.

In addition to this, accidents can occur ahead of you in the road and even though you aren’t involved, the footage can be helpful for the other drivers too, especially when a hit and run crime has been committed as it is possible to retrieve the number plate and trace the driver in question.


Everyone has encountered an angry driver at some point and sometimes road rage can lead to some drivers actually getting out of their vehicle to confront you. Not only can this be intimidating, it can be considered assault if the other driver threatens you with violence. Luckily, the installation of a dash cam can help as it will capture the person in question in the footage as well as the incident they are upset about.

Furthermore, you also have to contend with those looking to make a false insurance claim by purposely staging a RTC or pedestrian incident involving your car. In fact, new drivers, young drivers and old drivers are most likely to be the victim of these incidents. By having a dash cam installed you prove that you were at no fault, which is often enough to make the fraudsters flee the scene!

In the event of a road traffic accident the footage captured by a cash dam can be extremely helpful when it comes to determining the cause of the incident. After all, it is not uncommon to have a fuzzy memory following an accident which means that it can be difficult for the police to piece together what happened. In fact, whether you prefer buy a used car or have to have the newest model on the market, a dashcam can be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the V12 team today!