The Beginners Guide to the Motorway

Passing your driving test is like a token of freedom; you have to ability to drive wherever you like, whenever you like. With this said, motorways were only added to the driving lesson specification in 2018 which means that the majority of new drivers are venturing onto the motorway for the first time completely under-prepared. After all, driving at 70mph is a completely different ball game! Here is the beginners guide to the motorway…

Joining the Motorway

When you intend to join a motorway, you use something called a ‘slip road’ and these allow you to neatly fit into the oncoming traffic. It is vital that you build up to an appropriate speed when you are on a slip road and always check your blind spot as otherwise you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger.

Speed Limits

The legal speed limit for the motorway is 70 mph however many vehicles will often drive above this. With this said, the limits can vary and the introduction of smart motorways means that they can be constantly changing in order to prevent traffic so you should always check. In addition to this, some vehicles are restricted to reduced limits. For instance, cars towing a caravan and goods vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes in weight must not exceed 60mph.


When the road ahead is clear, vehicles should always remain the left-hand lane and overtake using the centre lane. After this, they should return back into the left-hand lane when possible. Failure to do so can now result in fines as large vehicles like coaches are only permitted to drive in the middle lane and dominating the middle lane can stop them making their journey in good time. It is vital that you use indicators when you intend to change lanes as other drivers must be able to plan accordingly and be aware of your actions.

When it comes to the motorway, it is all about concentration and preparation. After all, you are driving at an incredibly fast speed and the last thing you want to do is panic. Here at V12 Sports and Classics our range of used sports cars for sale will perform outstandingly on a motorway journey! Get in contact with a member of the V12 team today to find out more information!