The most dangerous drivers are the ones who believe they are exempt from the rules. These are the people who will regularly exceed the speed limit, fiddle with their mobile phone and never buckle up. Here at V12 Sports and Classics we believe that safe driving is the only way to ensure that the people inside a vehicle and the pedestrians outside it stay safe. Here are a few things that every driver should know…


Research suggests that driving when you are tired has the same effect on our reaction speeds and alertness as driving under the influence of alcohol. After all, sometimes our brain just needs a break from the intense concentration that driving requires. If you feel like you are unable to safely get behind the wheel, you should pull over at a service station until you are alert enough and are no longer considered a danger to the road.


The government puts speed limits in place for a reason, however, it is no secret that drivers will regularly exceed them. Whilst speed cameras can help catch and fine those who pose a threat to the road, many drivers actually tend to speed in residential areas where speed cameras are not installed and since children play here, this only adds to the danger. You should always follow the speed limit when you are in charge of a vehicle as the risk of an accident increases greatly at faster speeds..

Hands Free

The majority of modern day vehicles now come with hands-free Bluetooth which allows drivers to answer the phone without having to take their hands off the wheel. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who like to respond to text messages when they are driving which is actually 70% more dangerous than answering a phone call because it takes your full concentration off the road. When you are driving you should always use hand-free technology to interact with a smartphone.

Whilst the police are cracking down on drivers who use their mobile phone, far too many get away with other dangerous driving antics. After all, statistics show that you are twice as likely to fatally injure a pedestrian driving at 35mph than you are at 30mph. Whether you are driving the latest BMW or have invested in a second-hand motor, there is no excuse for risky driving. To find out more about our range of used cars, get in contact with your closest V12 used car dealer today!