The concept of autonomous cars has been discussed briefly since the 1960’s however it wasn’t until the early 21st century when the developments really started to sound feasible. Whilst self-driving cars are still considered a vision of the distant future, we have managed to excel in the development self-parking systems and other autonomous reliant technologies.

In fact, Google has its own range of driverless cars that have driven 300,00 documented miles with only one incident taking place and in 2014 it released a prototype that featured a vehicle without a steering wheel, gas pedal or break pedal. Read on to find out whether self-driving cars are above and beyond futuristic or a dangerous risk to the road…

Artificial Intelligence

There is no question that the mind of a computer is far superior than the brain of a human being and since self-driving cars will implemented complicated algorithms in order to create the ‘ideal’ motorist, it would take a lot of danger off the road. After all, statistics show that around 80% of all collisions and accidents are the result of a human error.


Currently there is an incredibly high demand for workers in the driving field and the implementation of self-driving cars, as futuristic as they are, could put people out of a job. After all, the big companies are hardly going to pay a wage to workers when they could invest in a driverless car to do it for them, where appropriate. As a result, this could have an incredibly negative impact on both the economy and unemployment rates.

External Factors

Although the concept of self-driving vehicles sound like a great way to advance our understanding of technology, the reality is that some external factors cannot always be predicted. For example, the current model of autonomous cars are based on the idea of a sensor however if this technology were to fail due to heavy rainfall or damage it calls into question whether the passenger would be expected to take over control, especially when Google’s 2014 steering wheel-less prototype contradicts this idea and the safety that self-driving vehicles are suppose to provide.

Whether you are for or against self-driving vehicles it is safe to say that you have a few decades to make a final decision. In the meantime, our range of high quality used VW are as safe and reliable as you could possible want. Get in contact with the V12 team to find out more information today!