Buying a high-performance sports car is all well and good, but if you don’t have the means to drive it in the way it is supposed to be driven, it’s like having legs and not being able to walk.

Luckily for those of us who may never get to put a car through its paces in the real world, there are now a huge collection of different track days and driving experiences where you can test out a number of different cars that were built for speed.

Track days are the perfect place to put your pedal to the floor in a safe setting; there is no oncoming traffic, you receive a full safety and medical team on hand and the atmosphere is fun and electric.

Here are some of the best driving experiences the UK has to offer:

Santa Pod RWYB

Everyone who has ever driven a car – even nans driving their Nissan Cleo to Aldi on a Tuesday morning – have had the urge to put the pedal down and see how fast the car can go flat out. Santa Pod’s “Run What Ya Brung” race days provide the perfect opportunity for anyone to bring down their own motor and test out their top speed and reaction times in friendly drag races.

Silverstone Track Day

You may have watched the F1 take place on the legendary Silverstone track a hundred times, but now you can try out the track for yourself. Although you won’t be able to try it out in an F1 car, you can still drive the exact same circuit that the greatest drivers in the world have driven. Any ability is welcome, and you will need a standard driving license and special insurance.

Goodwood Racecourse

Where Silverstone is the racing home of British racing, Goodwood is the spiritual home. When motor racing returned after WWII, it returned here, at what was then known as RAF Westhampnett. Goodwood is now the petrolheads’ Mecca and track days are the perfect way to experience this famous circuit.

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