People’s Favourite Car Ads Of Recent Times

Car companies have built empires so large, that today they have serious budgets to spend on marketing new cars. Most car adverts of the modern day are more short films than advertisements. Even if the advert doesn’t get us to buy the car, it still gets us talking about the brand, which builds a connection that lasts over time.

Here are a few of our favourite car adverts of recent times:

Volkswagen Tiguan – ‘Cool, Calm and Connected’

April 2016 saw the release of the new Tiguan from Volkswagen, and to announce the fact, the German manufacturers released a smart advert which gave the SUV the edge in the market. The visually appealing advert begins with a father and daughter’s laid-back attitude and the Tiguan’s ability to self-park whilst others watch in admiration. The hip-hop track in the background also helps add to the appeal.

Audi R8 – Commander

This was one of the Big Game (Superbowl) “commercials” that people get extremely excited to see each year. And for the price of the slot and the competition of being the best advert of that year, they have to be something special. The Audi R8 advert conveyed emotion from the beginning for its viewers by showing scenes of a retired astronaut who has lost his zeal for life. When his son shows up, handing over the keys to the new 205-mph R8 V10 plus, the commander relives those spectacular spaceship take-off memories once again.

Ford – ‘Ice, Ice Baby’

If you’ve ever been curious about how many ways in which you can de-ice a car then this advert is for you. From hair-dryers to axes, all remedies are demonstrated in the Ford advert as one street battles with an icy morning. All this to the backdrop of Vanilla Ice’s appropriate track made the car stick in everyone’s heads.

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