Taking a close look at the best-selling models from each car maker can be surprising. With so many great models to choose from, let’s take a look at some more car manufacturers, and which of their cars have become their model of choice:


As testament to its popularity, the TVR’s Chimaera sold more in its 12-year-run between 1993-2003 than TVR had managed with all other models in the previous 25 years. Needless to say, the Chimaera was a runaway success for the British sports car makers.

De Tomaso

The Pantera had an exotic name, exotic looks, and exotic performance, which made it all the more surprising that it sold so well. The sales lasting 20 years were partly responsible for the 7260 untis sold, but also the rugged, easily tuned V8 motor made it a popular alternative to other European supercars in the USA market.

Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce’s mainstay model, the Silver Shadow, was aimed at the elite herd. So to see sales of 29,030 between 1965-1980 was more than impressive. The Silver Shadow instantly found favour with the style leaders of the cultural revolution and even managed sales throughout two fuel crises’.


In the year before the Continental GT was launched, Bentley had only made around 800 cars. Everyone was surprised by the runaway success of the sleek coupe. The Continental GT was such a great car that Bentley are releasing an all-new model in showrooms even now.


Never has a car manufacturer had such coverage about production delays and still managed to shift more than 200,000 models quite like Tesla and the Model S. Since it’s launch in 2012, sales took some time to pick up, but they now average around 12,000 per quarter globally.

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