Modern Car Features We Didn’t Have 30 Years Ago

It is hard to believe that the concept of the car is only a century old, give or take a decade. After all, during the 21st century they have become more advanced than ever before! Here at V12 Sports and Classics we want to let drivers know about the technology that is available on the market. After all, why invest in the basics when you can have something futuristic? Read on to find out more about some modern car features that we didn’t have three decades ago…

WiFi Hotspots

Even though the concept of accessing the internet on our smartphones is just over a decade old, many cars already have that ability. In fact, passengers can connect to a WiFi hotspot inside a vehicle in order to achieve 24/7 scrolling capabilities. Of course, the technology is hardly perfect, and it is expected that the connection will not be strong all the time however it is a big leap in terms of car advancements.

Reversing Cameras

Years ago, we had to rely on our skill, muscle memory and teachers in order to reverse without hitting something or knocking a pedestrian over. On the other hand, modern drivers now have access to reversing cameras that show them a live link of the rear, so they can reverse without looking over their shoulder. With this said, many argue that the camera doesn’t cover blind spots and that drivers should always check over their shoulder when intending to reverse regardless of the feature.


Those who remember the crazed popularity of the SatNav will likely remember the time when we utilised a real map in order to find our way around in new towns and cities. In fact, whilst many drivers will now opt for the maps on their smartphone, it is actually possible to have navigation built into your vehicle! Plus, it is so advanced that it can tell you the speed of the road you are driving on and even predict when the next red light will be!

Emergency Breaking

You should never be distracted behind the wheel and if you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open it is essential that you stop at a service station and take a break. After all, the majority of accidents take place when a driver is tired. Luckily however there a modern feature called emergency breaking that will actually intervene when it feels like you are going to be involved in a collision!

If you’re looking to test driver some certified pre owned cars you are in the right place! Here at V12 we have a wide range of modern cars to choose from including over 500 with built-in navigation, nearly 700 with remote central locking and a friendly 17 that come with manual sun roofs! What more could you ask for?! Get in contact with a member of the V12 team to find out more information today!