Insane Car Gadgets You Have To See To Believe

Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars. From commuting and travelling, we can really rack up some serious hours each week sat in our vehicles, so it is natural that we try and find those gadgets that will make the time more enjoyable, more comfortable, even just more tolerable.

There are some car accessories out there which do just that. But there are also car accessories out there which really don’t. Some gadgets aren’t cool, or even practical for the user, or the car:

Headlight Eyelashes

You’ve probably seen these out on the roads, usually adorning the headlights of a bright pink beetle with leopard print seat covers. CarLashes are a set of 8.5-inch-long plastic eyelashes that use double stick adhesive to attach securely to the space above your car’s headlights.

Auto Mixing Travel Mug

This acrylic tumbler uses two AAA batteries to mix up sports drinks, baby formula or any kind of blended beverage, just in case you need your beverage fix on those long drives. At the press of a button the mug’s tornado action mixer wizzes up your ingredients into a roadside refreshment in seconds.

12-Volt Oven and Pizza Maker

As if eating at the wheel wasn’t dangerous enough, you can now buy a handy appliance that lets you cook whilst journeying back from work. The appliance plugs right into your cigarette lighter, so you can enjoy hamburgers, roasts, baked potatoes, and much, much more.

License Plate Spray

For a car accessory that isn’t just impractical but actually very illegal, PhotoBlocker license plate spray is for you. The special formula produces a high-powered gloss that reflects back the flash of a camera, foiling red-light and speed cameras.

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