If you have become weary of maintaining a decade old vehicle and want to see what it is like driving a brand new model without the commitment, a lease contract could be just what you have been looking for! After all, you don’t purchase the vehicle and the short term 3 year contracts mean that you can refresh your ride on a regular basis. With this said, it is important to take care of a leased car very carefully. Read on to find out more…


When you lease a car you sign a document and agree to certain restrictions, including mileage. In fact, every driver is given a set figure for their mileage that ranges between 6,000 and 12,000 a year which they are not allowed to succeed without facing penalty charges. This is because lease cars are often re-contracted when you return them to the shop and are worth more with a low mileage figure so penalty charges were introduced in order to encourage drivers to stick to their limit.


Although you may have the keys, a leased car is never yours unless you complete the payment for the vehicle. This means that you have to be incredibly rigorous when it comes servicing, maintenance and repairs. You should always have an annual MOT carried out on the vehicle and any scratches or bodywork damage is your responsibility and must be repaired before the vehicle is returned.

Implement Rules

Many people often insist that drivers treat a leased car like a long term rental car. After all, when you purchase a rental abroad the last thing you want to do is return the vehicle in bad condition. By implementing rules in a leased car, such as no food or drink and no smoking, you can help ensure that the interior stays in great condition so that you don’t have to splash out on costly repairs before your lease is over.

The different between purchasing a vehicle and leasing one is that you never completely ‘own’ the car with a lease. After all, you almost always have the option to return it at the end of the contract. With this said, all leased vehicles should be returned in a resalable condition so it is vital that you take care of yours during the time it is in your possession. If you are looking for a second hand car for sale, we have a range that are available for lease! Get in contact with a member of the V12 Sports and Classics team to find out more information today!