How To Perform A 6-Point Vehicle Check

Our cars are wonderful pieces of machinery, but they still need taking care of to make sure they perform to the best of their abilities and to avoid unexpected repairs.

Regular car maintenance is always more convenient when you are doing it on your own schedule. By taking preventative maintenance checks you will be more confident to drive your car without the fear of breakdowns in even the harshest weather conditions.

Performing a 6-point vehicle check at regular intervals throughout the year is the best way to make sure your car stays in tip top shape:


Make sure all your battery connections are clean, tight and corrosion-free. Batteries won’t always give you warning signs before they fail so it is best to check their charging systems and performance regularly; if your battery is more than three years old it may be time for a change.


In every vehicle antifreeze should be flushed and refilled every two years. Don’t add 100% antifreeze as it actually has a lower freezing point than when it is mixed with water.


Brakes are critical to your vehicle safety and they need to be checked regularly. If you are driving on icy or very wet conditions it is important you perform small brake checks as you set off, so you are positive they are functioning properly.


The tread depth and pressure should be checked regularly; your wheels measurements can be found in your cars handbook. If snow and ice are a problem in your area, then you may want to consider special tyres designed to add more grip on slippery surfaces. Check tyre pressure weekly in winter as the low temperatures can cause dramatic changes.


Diligence is key when changing oil. You may want to change to low-viscosity oil in winter as it flows more easily between moving parts when cold.

Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades have been damaged over time by weather and cold temperatures and aren’t cleaning your window properly then it is time to change them for a new set. You can purchase special winter blades to help get rid of ice and snow.

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