How To Organise Your Garage To Fit Your Car

Most of our garages are neglected spaces. On the whole, there are very few of us that can still find space to even fit our cars in our garages anymore, but with a few handy projects, we can modernise our garages, utilise space better and get more use out of them:

Ceiling Storage System

Getting things off the floor is the best way to start freeing up space. Installing a ceiling storage system is easy to do and the materials to do it wont cost you much at all. They provide the perfect solution for seldom used items like Christmas decorations.

Garden Tools

Instead of lumping all of your garden tools in a corner, make a simple tool rack for your wall. For small tools, a simple peg board will suffice, but you can also try a hinged pegboard if you have a lot of larger tools as well.

Folding Workbench

Even if you are tight on space you can still use your garage as a workspace. DIY, wall-mounted, foldable workbenches can store your tools and fold away to provide a space saving option.

Entire Wall Storage System

Everything from tools to you garden hose and lawn mower can be stored if you decide to go the whole way and turn one wall into a storage system. You can also customise it to your exact needs.

Parking Buffers

It only takes knocking over a bike or opening your car door too far to damage your car in the garage. With a versatile pool noodle you can create a cheap parking bumper to protect your car. With the parking bumper in place you won’t have to worry about reversing too far in and hitting the wall. Alternatively, hanging tennis balls can help you judge the exact place to stop your car.

Take care of your new and approved used cars with these handy garage hacks.