How To Negotiate The Best Deal On A Used Car

If you’re stepping into the arena of a car dealership, it is good to come prepared. Haggling with a professional car salesman is no easy feat, so knowing what you’re doing puts you in the best position when trying to get a deal on a used car.

Knowledge is Power

In order to negotiate you need to know your stuff. Obviously, you may not have as much information as a car salesman does, but knowing the details about the car you want to buy can be easily attained. The average person comes into a car dealership and divulges the car they want to buy, how much they can pay a month and which vehicle they’re trading in.

The dealer gives little away in this time. In order to counteract this, you should keep your cards close to your chest to start with, and find out as much as you can about the car you want to buy before you step foot in the dealership.

2 Years or older

Try and buy cars that are at least 2 years old; they still look great and probably don’t have any problems. Most importantly, their wholesale value drops between 45-55% of its original price after those two years.

Check in with the dealership first

Call a dealership first to check they have the car you want in stock. Not only does this prevent you wasting a trip, but you will also be able to check their prices.

Finance Rates

We can’t all stroll into a dealership and throw down cash for a car, it’s just not plausible. So, make sure you research finance options before visiting the dealer. Financing on Audi used cars can be done by cutting out the middle man and going straight to the source, or shopping around elsewhere.