There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a car that it’s easy to become stumped when you have to make a decision. The best way to decide on the most suitable car type for you is to firstly decide on what you want the car for.

Do you need practical and safe transport for you and your family? Are you looking for something flashy to spend your weekends in? Or do you need a run around for your commute to work?

Let’s take a look at the different types of car by body type, and the benefits of each:

  • MPV – ‘Multi-Purpose Vehicles’ are conventional in size and come with a wide range of possible interior layouts: perfect for those with big families who need to balance the school run with shopping trips.
  • Convertible – These vehicles come with a soft or hard top that you can raise and lower depending on your preference – and the weather. A little less practical than most other car types, as they aren’t equipped with a lot of space, but are full of character, and make a perfect option for those who like a little more pizzazz.
  • SUV – The ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ sits higher off the ground, is a little chunkier, and sometimes has four-wheel drive. They are designed to be able to handle tougher road conditions, so unless you’re planning on driving through seriously treacherous conditions the fuel economy penalty might not be worth it.
  • Hatchback – This car type opens up completely in the back to allow access to the boot. Perfect for an everyday run around; hatchbacks are the most common car types for those living in the city.
  • Saloon – In a saloon the boot is separate from the passenger compartment, making for a bigger, more comfortable and more spacious ride.
  • Estate – Based on a saloon or hatchback, the estate is built with a large square loading area at the rear. So you can transport the whole family whilst utilising the large boot space.
  • Coupe – The sportier design and sleeker profile gives more speed but a little less practicality than other types. If you want a car that makes a statement about you then a coupe is your best bet.

In the market for used Ford cars? Finding the right car type for you is the first step to deciding on which car to buy.