How To Experience Racing As An Amateur

Becoming a professional racer is something a lot of people aspire to, but very few succeed in. Like any elite sport, becoming the best is a narrow path that only a few dedicated people can achieve.

But you don’t have to be lining up at the Monaco Grand Prix or flying over hills at the Rally to enjoy racing. There are now plenty of opportunities for amateur racers to get on the track too:


Autocross is the perfect opportunity for anybody to experience an adrenaline fuelled track race. You don’t need any special car, simply take along your everyday car and test out its paces on the track. If you get bitten by the competitive nature you may want to invest in some modifications to become more competitive but that’s not essential.

Advanced Driving School

Racing isn’t all about the car, the driver needs to have the skills to utilise what each car can offer. So before you start making modifications to try and pump up the power under your hood, gain some driving experience from the professionals at an advanced driving school.

Amateur Drag Racing

Instead of being tempted to put your foot to the floor on an empty motorway, take your car to an amateur drag racing night where you can see what your car can really do in a safe and competitive environment. Here, you can see how high your speedometer goes, as well as your heart rate.

Drift Clinic

The UK hosts a number of drift clinics for you to experience the excitement of Formula Drift. Professional instructors will guide you in building your skills and perfecting your drifts: bringing another set of wheels is advised.

To experience amateur race days, first you’re going to need a car. Here at V12 we have a huge selection of used cars under £2000 that are perfect for everyday use, as well as taking to the amateur track.