How To Change A Tyre

A necessary skill for all drivers is being able to change a tyre. Flat tyres can happen anywhere and there may not be any chance of assistance in some locations, so it is important that in the event of a flat, you can change the tyre yourself and get your vehicle moving again.

Thankfully, changing a tyre isn’t that difficult. Just follow these simple guidelines and you will have your spare tyre fitted in no time:

Safe Location

When you realise you have a flat tyre don’t stop immediately – unless it is safe. Instead, reduce speed slowly and search for a safe area to pull over: preferably off a main road, undercover and on level ground.

Don’t attempt to change you tyre on the hard shoulder or near oncoming traffic. Keep moving until you find a safe spot. Review your owner’s manual to review the specific steps on how to change the tyre on your vehicle.

Hazard Lights

Turn on your emergency lights as soon as you realise there is a problem. This will help other drivers see you and be able to avoid you when you are on the side of the road. Keep them switched on until you have completed the tyre change.

Apply Handbrake

You need to keep the car stable by applying the handbrake when stationary. This prevents the car from rolling when you are changing the tyre.

Remove Wheel Nuts

To access the wheel nuts, remove the hubcap, the wheel nuts will be found in the centre of the wheel. Loosen the nuts with a wrench whilst the wheel is still on the ground, this will keep the tyre still and prevent it from turning as you apply pressure on the wheel nuts.

Lift The Vehicle

The jack will fit between the vehicle frame and the tyre that is flat. Your car will indicate the exact position with exposed metal specifically designed to fit the jack, or you can refer to your handbook.

Place the jack on a flat surface, a small cut of wood is preferable. Then, raise the vehicle until the tyre is about six inches from the ground.

Remove The Tyre

Pull the tyre gently towards you after fully removing the already loosened wheel nuts. Set it to one side.

Line up your new tyre with the wheel nuts and push gently until the bolts show through the rim.

Tighten The Wheel Nuts

Replace the wheel nuts and tighten them all the way by hand before tightening as much as possible with your wrench.

Lower The Vehicle

Use the jack to lower the vehicle back down to the ground until the full weight of the vehicle is back on the tyre.

Remove the jack and replace the hubcap.


With the spare tyre fitted you can now store all your equipment back in your boot, along with the flat tyre, before driving to a garage safely, avoiding high speeds.

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