How Cars Have Changed Over Time

If there is one thing that we take for granted in the 21st century, it’s how developed our automobiles are. After all, things were very different when cars were the newest piece of technology on the market and they didn’t have all the modern adaptions we do today.

Here at V12 Sports and Classics, we think that it is important to understand how cars have changed over time and, in this article, we’re going to go over the few innovations that have stood out…


You may be surprised to know that headlights were not compulsory when they were first introduced. In fact, many cars didn’t have them at all. With this said, it is easier to understand why- since the lack of technology in the 1880’s meant that headlights were made from an acetylene and oil lamp mixture. Since oil was expensive, it was quickly replaced with electric lamps, but these were also faulty and kept burning out. Since 1962, many cars have been fitted with halogen headlights and, in 1991, xenon took over due to their brighter output.


The anti-lock breaking system is something that many young drivers have never driven without. In fact, the system was first developed in 1929 for planes in order to stop the wheels locking and prevent skidding. Since being introduced in vehicle design, ABS has been proven to make the breaking distance shorter in normal driving conditions which makes driving incredibly safer. With this said, it does the opposite in snowy conditions which is why further calibrations had to be done to allow the ABS system to complete cycles of locking and unlocking instead of just simply locking. Just a century ago, drivers couldn’t rely on such technology to prevent accident.


It is hard to picture cars without all the technology they have today. From Bluetooth to electric windows, there is nothing that your car can’t do. After all, cars were developed in order to allow people to travel from one place to another with ease, however now we like to place an emphasis on the additional adaptions like charging stations, in-built navigation and music availability. In fact, many people insist that the increasing price of cars is to do with all of this additional, and perhaps unnecessary, technology.

The cars of today would’ve been incredibly unrealistic during the time of our grandparents. After all, self-driving cars are the next big development set to hit the roads and people now are struggling to fathom their place in society and whether they are as safe as they seem.

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