People will tell you how much they fantasize about purchasing a sports car if they had the money, however very few know about and understand the differences that separate them from a regular vehicle. After all, both are made to fulfil very different purposes and the majority of sports cars are not exactly practical when it comes to taking the kids to school. Read on to find out a few key differences between the speedy sport car and the trusty family SUV…


The main difference between a sports car and a regular car is their purpose. After all, sports cars are built for speed, manoeuvrability, stability, agility and performance in order to provide the best user experience on the road possible and fulfil the need for speed that many car enthusiasts have. In fact, sports cars are so focused on these elements that they often don’t excel in things like fuel economy and reduced maintenance as they aren’t built to be all-purpose vehicles.

On the other hand, regular vehicles are made to be practical and affordable, especially where children are concerned. This means that when it comes to purpose there is less focus on speed and more focus on efficiency and safety because they are built to be functional on a day to day basis.


Since sports car are able to reach 60mph in a matter of seconds it is needless to say that they will have an engine to match. After all, you can’t have such a powerful performance without the machinery to provide it. When this is compared to the engine of a regular everyday vehicle it is isn’t hard to miss the differences and understand why a day-to-day car is not able to reach the speeds of a sport car.

Porsche vs Ford Mondeo:

Maximum Power: 239 kW vs 103 kW

Maximum Torque: 370 NM vs 190 NM

Compression Ratio: 11.3:1 vs 10.8:1

Type: 3.6 Litre vs 2.0 Litre

Above shows the engine specifications of a Porsche Carrera 911 compared to the engine specification of a Ford Mondeo Duratec Petrol. It tells us that the engine of a sports car is incredibly powerful and, while the regular vehicle looks bleak in comparison, it has been built for its purpose and therefore does not require the powerful engine to reach such high speeds. In fact, this will make it more fuel efficient compared to the sports car, which will guzzle fuel like there is no tomorrow.


The appearance of a sports car in comparison to a regular car is an incredibly important difference between the two. After all, sports cars are designed to be sleek and appeal to the buyer on both aesthetics and purpose. After all, we already know that sports cars are made to travel at high speeds and their design is factored into this which is why they tend to be very low in height and almost flat. On the other hand, the functionality and purpose of a regular family vehicle means that they are built with cities and country roads in mind, so they are often much bigger in size since there is no need to factor wind resistance into it as much.

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