Getting to Know Some of the Most Iconic Car Logos

Most car manufacturer logos are so iconic that even those who don’t drive a car can recognise them. We see them hundreds of times a day on the streets, but have you ever stopped to wonder how they came to be?

Whilst some car company logos aren’t exactly exciting, some of them have some unique and interesting origin stories:


The Mercedes-Benz logo is recognisable the world over as a status for class and efficiency. The simple logo is a relatively simple three-pointed circle contained within a ring, but the symbolic nature of the design suggests so much more. The three-pointed star actually pays homage to the use of the company’s engines on land, sea and air, with the logo actually predating their automobiles.

The emblem was initially used by company founder Gottlieb Daimler in a personal note to his wife in 1872, before being used for many years to mark the location of his family home. Mercedes-Benz adopted it as their official logo in 1910.


The prancing black on yellow horse is one of the most famous logos in automotive history. But where did it come from? Most people associate the link between horses and horsepower, but the reality is far from that. The horse is actually a symbol of luck; first appearing on Francesco Baracca’s warplane during World War I.

Fast forward to 1923 and a young Enzo Ferrari was asked by Baracca’s parents to use the prancing horse badge on his race car, for good luck, and as a gesture of respect to their son.

Enzo obviously agreed, adding his own touch of a yellow background, representing the colour of his hometown Modena, Italy.

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