Filling Your Car With the Wrong Fuel

Picking up the wrong pump and administering the wrong fuel into your tank at the station never ends well. In fact, every driver has either done it, almost done it or knows someone who has done it. Luckily, we are all subject to lapses in concentration as the result of a busy schedule which means that it is important know what to do if you ever make such a mistake. Read on to find out the steps to take when it comes to filling your car up with the wrong fuel…

What to Do

If you notice that you have picked up the wrong pump whilst you are still as the station it is important that you do not attempt to start the vehicle regardless of how many other drivers are telling you to move it out of the way. This is because it reduces the chance of the fuel leaving the tank and entering the engine, saving you a hefty repair bill. Make sure to consult a member of staff at the station and then get in contact with a breakdown service where they will drain the incorrect fuel from your tank.

Signs of Misfuelling

Sometimes you can be in such a rush that you fill up the tank with the wrong fuel and set off on your merry way.Unfortunately this means that the wrong fuel will enter the engine and if it causes any damage you could have a big repair job on your hands. Luckily there are signs of misfuelling that your car may present with as it struggles to run with the wrong fuel in its system. This includes but is not limited to erratic acceleration, misfires, smoke coming out from the exhaust and the vehicle grinding to a halt. If you notice any of these symptoms it is vital that you pull up in a safe location, apply your hazard lights and contact a breakdown service for a fuel drainage.

Prevention Methods

Filling up your car with the wrong fuel can be down to anything from a simple lapse in concentration to a new vehicle purchase causing confusion. Luckily there are a few preventative methods you can take in order ensure that you never fill a petrol tank with diesel by mistake. For example, make a clear effort to take a look at the label on the pump, particularly if the station has had a makeover. With this said, the nozzle of a diesel engine cannot fit inside a petrol engine which tells the driver that they have picked up the wrong one straight away so the most damage usually occurs when a diesel engine is filled with petrol.

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