Everything You Need To Know About Drive Away Insurance

It’s an exciting day when you get to finally pick up a new car. The process of buying a car can sometimes be longwinded, so when you finally get to sit behind the wheel and turn the key, it can be hard not to crack a smile.

One thing that some people tend to overlook when they pick up their new car: insurance. If the vehicle isn’t properly insured in your name when it comes to collecting the car then driving it could lead to facing unlimited fines, points on your license and even having the car confiscated – not something you want when you’ve just bought it.

If you’re waiting for an annual policy to begin, but need to collect the car now, don’t worry, because you can easily get a short-term drive away policy that will cover you until your actual policy kicks in.

What is Drive Away Insurance?

For people who need to temporarily insure a car, then drive away insurance is the perfect option. Most drive away insurance policies cover drivers from 1-28 days, so you can drive your new car immediately whilst you wait for your annual policy to take effect.

It is quick and easy to set up; all it takes is a few minutes for a quote as well as a few bits of basic information about the car and the driver. Policy documents can be emailed to you directly so there’s no waiting around. Insurers know that people buying new and used cars may need to transport the car home before their annual cover is activated and doing so without insurance can lead to some very unwanted fines.

When you purchase used cars, make sure you have drive away insurance, or you too could risk losing the car before you’ve had a chance to get it on the driveway.