Everything You Need To Know About Car Insurance Quotes: Part 3

We try and hide from it as much as we can, but car insurance is a necessity we all need if we want to take our car out on the road. Uninsured drivers who are involved in crashes are looking at serious costs as well as fines and even jail time.

Finding the right car insurance can be a minefield, but with a little help it can be a simple process. Check out our third and final checklist of what to do to find the right quote for you:

Claims and Convictions

Always inform your insurance company of any claims or convictions you’ve made in the last five years. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the exact date – just give as close a date as you can.

Registered Keeper

The registered keeper should always be the person who drives the car the most so the registration documents should also be in their name. If you ever need to change your registered keeper, simply contact the DVLA to change it.


If you decide to make any modifications to your car then you need to inform your insurer of all the changes you have made. Modifications to the performance of your car can bump up the cost of cover and by failing to inform them of changes you have had done you can invalidate your policy. If you are ever in an accident and have failed to report changes, the insurance company can turn down your claim, leaving you with a large bill you will have to foot yourself.

Protecting your no claims discount

A common mistake made by drivers is thinking that if they’ve protected their no claims discount, and made a claim, their insurance won’t go up the following year. The cost will rise because you have made a claim, but you will still receive the same discount. If you don’t protect your NCD the premium will go up even more.

Always ensure that any new or used motor vehicle is insured before you drive it. Getting into an accident without insurance will land you with serious fines, costs of repairs and even a police record.