To add to the rest of the costs that will occur with a car, insurance is up there with one of the most expensive monthly costs. The cost of car insurance has continued to rise over the years, so it is important that you have the right one for you, so you don’t end up overpaying.

When you apply for insurance, you will be asked a number of questions, all of which will influence the amount that you will end up paying; answer them incorrectly, however, and you can end up paying over the odds, or landing yourself with a fine if you choose to provide false information.

To avoid any of this happening, here are the most important things you need to ensure to get the right level of cover at the right price:


All insurers will set a compulsory excess, then it is up to you if you wish to add additional voluntary excess payments. If you choose to increase the excess you can bring the initial premium down, which is the amount you’ll have to pay in the event of a claim.


It’s important to work out an estimate of your yearly miles that is as accurate as possible. Over-estimating will cost you more, whilst if you hugely under-estimate the insurer may reject your claim. Work our roughly how many miles you drive each week; including school runs, shopping trip etc. Use this total to calculate the monthly total and multiply by 12. Cater in any long holiday drives you may take each year for a close estimate. This is the best way to ensure you don’t overpay.

Why Do You Drive?

The miles you drive to work should be recorded in your mileage estimate; this counts as commuting, but if you also use your car to drive to meetings or for other work-related purposes then you will need to insure your car for business use too.

If you’ve just bought a new or used saloon, follow our handy guide to find the perfect insurance quote for you.