Driving Offences That You Can Be Fined For

Whilst getting your licence is no easy task, many people tend to forget everything they learnt as soon as they are able to hit the road independently. In fact, the 6-point-check and 10-2 steering wheel rules are often the first to go.

Here at V12 Sports and Classics we understand the freedom that getting your hands on your very first car can bring, however it is important to remember that breaking the law comes with repercussions. Here are a few driving offences that you can be fined for…

Angry Beeping

At one time or another, we have all let road rage get the better of us. After all, some people shouldn’t have a licence, right?! With this said, beeping your horn without good reason can land you in hot water if there is an officer around. This is because the law dictates that you should only beep your horn in order to warn others of your presence and being stuck behind a slow driver just doesn’t comply with these rules, no matter how frustrating it might be!

Pedestrian Splashing

The UK is far more familiar with rainfall than we like to admit which means that pedestrians can sometimes become the unwilling victim of splashing. Thankfully, however, the incidents are often accidental in nature the majority of the time. When they are deliberate however, splashing a pedestrian with a rain puddle becomes illegal and may result in a fine.

Withholding Medical Information

As a driver and road user it is your responsibility to inform the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency) of any medical conditions that you have been diagnosed with since passing your test and receiving your licence. These include but are not limited to: angina, blackouts, brain tumours, cataracts, loss of hearing, epilepsy, heart attacks and night blindness. If you are found driving after diagnoses and have not informed the DVLA then you will likely be fined quite harshly.

There is nothing worse than getting a driving fine in the post. After all, most of the time people are unaware that their actions were even an offence in the first place. With this said, there are things that we can all do in order to improve our driving ability which is why it is important to understand what can and cannot result in a hefty fine.

Our range of used luxury cars may not be fine-proof but, as long as you follow the Highway Code, you should be road-ready! Get in contact with a member of the V12 team today to find out more information!