Although your driving licence grants you the freedom to hit the road whenever you like, there are still rules that every driver must follow, and they can be found in the Highway Code. In fact, there are many mistakes that can land you with penalty points! The rules state that a driver can incur a maximum of 12 penalty points within a 3-year period before their licence is disqualified. In fact, newly qualified drivers that amass 6 or more points will be disqualified too. Read on to find out some of the reasons you may be given penalty points…


The way that speeding is punished has been recalculated over the past few years. In the past, drivers would receive a £100 fine regardless of their income however the government realised that this reduced the likelihood of reoffending for some more than others. Instead, drivers can now be fined between 25% and 175% of their weekly income depending on how fast they were going as well as receiving a minimum of 3 points on their licence.

Red Lights

Running a red light can be dangerous as many intersections are two-way controlled. This means that there will be traffic passing you on a green light as you wait at your red light. Whilst most cases of running a red light are accidental, some are intentional and the danger it poses is why drivers can receive a fine up to £100 and 3 point on the licence if they are caught.

Lack of Insurance

Driving without insurance is illegal. After all, even if the vehicle itself is insured, the driver must also have insurance too. In fact, it is so bad that drivers who are caught operating a car without the correct documents can be fined £300 and receive up to 6 penalty points. In some cases, you could even be disqualified from driving and the officer who catches you has the power to seize your vehicle on the spot.

The government may seem like it is harsh on drivers however it is just trying to keep our roads safe and secure. After all, speeding and running a red light can put many lives in danger! Here at V12 Sports and Classics we like to promote safe and legal driving which is why we conduct routine background checks to ensure that our used cars uk are in good hands! To find out more, get in contact with a member of the team today!