Convertible Cars That Only A Mother Could Love

When the sun is shining like it is, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road in a convertible. There’s a universal appeal that comes with being able to put the roof down and catch some rays as you feel the wind in your hair.

Unfortunately, not all convertibles are created equally. Here we take a look at some of the convertibles that never made it on to anyone’s wish list – because they look absolutely horrendous:

Yugo Convertible

You won’t see many Yugos around today but back in the 90s, they produced a convertible that’s one to forget. Many of the fixed-roof Yugos fell apart not long after people drove them off the forecourt, and the convertibles were no different. You would have done well to get home without any problems.

Vauxhall Cascada

With 4 seats and a quiet, spacious cabin, the saloon-shaped drop-top had its positives, but unfortunately it underperformed in so many ways that it just couldn’t compete with other models of the time. Even sharing a name with the German artists who gave us the joy of ‘Every Time We Touch’ wasn’t enough to make this car cool.

Smart ForTwo Convertible

Smart cars were a convenient option for city slickers, but the ForTwo convertible drove like a tin can with the lid taken off - and resembled one too. If you love a rock-hard ride and an interior unsuitable for any journey over 15-miles then this is the car for you.

Subaru WRX STi Convertible

Who would have thought that a 300bhp hatchback that was capable of 0-62mph in around 5 seconds could be such a terrible car? Subaru did. The saddest part is that this car drove perfectly well until someone hacked the roof off; leaving the metal roof support bars stood awkwardly in place.

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