Child Safety in the Car

Driving with a new-born can be daunting, however the responsibility doesn’t end there. After all, 90% of parents install a car seat incorrectly and this can put the child in incredible danger should an accident take place on the road. In fact, far too many people will upgrade their children to booster seats and beyond much earlier than they should, which is just as dangerous as an incorrectly installed car seat.

Here at V12 Sports and Classics we understand that families require a car to get around however we think it is important that children are safe at all times which is why we are going to go over everything you need to know…

Car Seats

When you pick a car seat for a child, it should be chosen based on weight or height. After all, these routes are the best way to ensure that a child is safe and protected in the event of a road traffic accident. If you are choosing a car seat for a baby, particularly a new-born, it might even be in your best interest to have a member of staff at the shop install it into your vehicle for you. This way you can be rest assured that it will keep your child safe as there is less of a risk that it will be installed incorrectly.

The Laws

It is not only installing car seats correctly that is important, it is essential that you follow the law too. For example, children up to three years old must be in a correctly fitting car seat at all times, ideally in the back seats; children aged 3-12, or 135cm in height (whichever they reach first), must use a fitting restraint such as a booster seat; children aged 12-13 years old or over 135cm are free to remove any booster seat but must wear their seatbelt at all times; and finally, children aged 14 years and above are only required to wear their seat belt. It is the last category, however, where restraint become the responsibility of the passenger, rather than the driver. With this said, the driver should insist that all passengers wear restraints at all times and that children are in a car seat that abides with the law.

The V12 team have a wide range of family-friendly used small cars for sale in our showrooms. After all, five doors and a hearty engine are necessities that every parent’s car should have! By ensuring that car seats are correctly installed and that children remain in booster seats until the law says otherwise, you can be road trip-ready all summer. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the V12 team today!