Whilst some cars are made with urban driving and 30mph speed limits in mind, many makes are made to do one thing: drive very fast. In fact, whether you envy the aesthetics of the Audi or prefer the power of the Porsche, the team here at V12 Sports and Classics have got you covered! After all, some of our best cars are known to come with a need for speed and in this blog we are going to go over a few of them…

Jaguar XF

With a 2.2L engine size, the Jaguar XF is the posterchild for sports cars. After all, when you can reach 0 to 60 with 8 mpg, a fuel consumption value of 55.4 mpg seems like child’s play! The saloon body type keeps the vehicle looking fresh and modern, allowing you to speed through the countryside without a care in the world!

Lexus CT

Despite a less powerful engine size of 1.8L, the Lexus CT is a car with both power and fuel efficiency combined in one. In fact, this vehicle can hit an average top speed of 112 mph and has an engine power of 182 bhp! Operating on a petrol/electric fuel system, the Lexus CT is a car model that ticks every box with compromising speed and performance.

Mercedes-Benz C Class

Diesel cars are known for their fuel efficiency in comparison to petrol which is why they are increasing in population each year. In fact, most diesel engines are turbocharged in modern cars which means that they can offer more torque. In other words, this means they are fast! The Mercedes-Benz C Class is a diesel powered super car that comes with an automatic gearbox and a whopping 2.2L engine size!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

If style and performance have to come in a packaged deal then the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the one for you! This diesel powered vehicle comes with a manual gearbox, allowing you to soak up the torque in all is glory as you increase speed! In fact, with a the 67.3 mpg fuel consumption value and an impressive 2L engine for a hatchback, you’ll definitely be hard to miss on the road!

If you’re in the market for used sports cars that come with unmeasurable horsepower then you’re in the right place! Within our three dealerships we have 478 different makes and models available for purchase that are certain to fill the speed-less void that a Peugeot 107 leaves you longing for. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the V12 Sports and Classics team today!