Car Mileage Explained

Unless you are an avid car fan, the fuss around mileage can often be confusing. After all, it is just numbers, right? Here at V12 Sports and Classics our expertise in the car industry spans far and wide and whether you are in the market for a used car or would like to drive out of the stop with zero miles on the clock, we have got all the answers to your questions. With this said, it is important to understand the term ‘mileage’, especially when it comes to a second-hand vehicle. Read on to find out more information…

The Definition

Every time you drive your car you clock up miles on the clock and this is collectively known as the mileage. It is an important statistic that is taken into consideration when a car is sold, purchased and placed on a finance plan.


When a car is placed on finance, whether it be HP or PCP, the annual mileage is set out in the final contract and it is important that you do not go over this figure unless you are prepared to pay penalties. The lowest mileage is often 6,000, however others can be 10,000 so it is important that you take into consideration how far you drive and how often you drive to ensure that your finance plan allows you a suitable number of miles.

Determining Car Worth

Mileage is a very important part of a car when it is being sold and purchased because it tells people how far the car has driven over its lifetime. Since people want a car that has low mileage it is important to note that a car with a higher mileage may not sell as well as one with fewer miles on the clock. In fact, it is because miles determine a car’s worth so much that finance companies put in place penalties in order to deter people from going over their policy limit.

When you are on a used roadster hunt it can be helpful to understand how mileage affects your decision. After all, first time buyers may not be aware that less miles is more desirable during a purchase and it could lead to you being duped by a shady seller. Luckily, the team here at V12 make it a point to tell you everything you need to know up front, so you will always get a fair deal. Get in contact today to find out more information!