Each car maker has produced a huge range of different models over the years, but they always have one model which is more popular than the rest. Whether it is because of it’s unique design or safety features, it can sometimes be surprising which model becomes a best seller.


Bugatti produced the Type 57 between 1934-39 and sold 685 models of the glamorous car. It is surprising that such an old car still remains Bugatti’s best seller, but its closest rival, the Veyron, (2005-2015) only sold a total of 450; the fact that it will set you back £1.2m though probably has something to do with the lower sales numbers.

Aston Martin

The DB7 managed to hit 6640 sales between 1994-2004 and is heralded as the car that saved Aston Martin. It may look dated now, but it played an instrumental role in keeping the British firm alive.


Giving the Gallardo a more affordable price drew in buyers by the bucket load, and between 2004-2013 they managed to shift 14,022 of these supercars.


Ferrari is famed for its rarity, yet the 430 model managed 17,499 sales in only 5 years between 2004-2009. All types of the 430 were sold, mostly coupes, but a third are accounted for by Spiders and rare versions such as the Scuderia and 16M.


Another business saving model was the Elise by Lotus. As well as saving the firm from buckling it also introduced a whole new generation to the delights of lightweight, deft-footed sports car ownership. They are still being made today and since 1996 they have sold over 20,000 models.


One of the longest running productions of a model is the Morgan’s 4/4. Production started in 1936 and now, 10,000 sales later, are still being produced today. The amount may be relatively small considering the time frame, but it considerably outshines any other model the firm have ever produced.

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