Biggest Myths on Used Cars

In every industry there will be information floating around that raises suspicion. After all, sometimes things really can be too good to be true. In the car industry it is important that you seek out a respectable dealer in order to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth as the range of myths circulating the web can be quite convincing. In this article, we have decided to debunk some of the biggest used car myths around…

Myth: Used cars are outdated

Many people presume that for a vehicle to qualify as a used car it must be at least 10 years old and come with a huge list of maintenance requirements when used cars actually come in a range of shapes and sizes. Whilst it is true that many used cars require some TLC, a used car can also be 2 years old and come with all the latest gadgets like Bluetooth and USB wiring which means that they aren’t all outdated.

Myth: Buying a new car is more cost effective

The idea that it is more bank balance friendly to invest in a brand-new car is very common myth. In reality, it is important to take every single situation into account as for many people, especially working-class families, it is simply not feasible to get the newest model and the most advanced features on the market. In fact, since used cars are second hand they often tend to be much cheaper to purchase or get on finance.

Myth: Used cars breakdown all the time

A healthy car is one that has been well taken care of which means that a used car without any issues is very unlikely to breakdown. In fact, new cars are just as likely as a used car to require roadside assistance if the driver does not take care of maintenance or have it looked at by a professional. By taking care of a used car you can help ensure that breakdowns rarely take place.

When it comes to a used automobile the team here at V12 Sports and Classics want to ensure that our clients are happy with their purchase. After all, the car you drive away in should leave you feeling content not apprehensive. Luckily our myth busting will help ensure that you are getting the best deal possible! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the V12 team today!

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